Are you the one, blessed with a balcony or courtyard? Upperbloom upgrades your balcony with the most beautiful greenery and makes sure it keeps on blooming. All-year-round. And for those, lacking the gardener’s skills: There is not much looking after.

From research, it seems that people find it hard to keep their balcony plants going, or maybe do not have time to look after them. Well, Upperbloom comes to the rescue. They install plant- containers, prefilled with the prettiest flowers and plants at your balcony railings or on a metal framework.

Green guaranty

Soon after you have put in your order, a gardener specialised in balconies and terraces will install your prefilled plant containers. A fifth-floor balcony, a roof-top terrace or no elevator available, it is not a problem at all.

But the service doesn’t stop there. With the Upperbloom plant exchange service, you get a selection of beautiful seasonal plants and flowers twice a year. And it all comes with a green guaranty. So, in the rare case, there seems to be a problem with the greenery, they come around and fix it.

No worries

Through a smart system of a plant container holding a water reservoir and water meter, looking after your plants has become a super easy task. Upperbloom selects those plants which are perfect for your balcony. The only thing you have to do is choose the colour scheme of your liking.

Exclusively for you as a ZUIDAS. Magazine reader, you are offered a free try-out of 30 days.

Prizes start from a monthly €4,95 per plant container or €77,50 for a one–time purchase. For more information, look at using the gift voucher code: liefde.