A bit of glamour at Total4Living

In April, interior design store Total4Living, located at Gelderlandplein, moved three doors to the left. Their new store is twice as big and boasts ten ambiance rooms where customers can have a look around, get a cup of coffee and find inspiration for their home.  

We enter Total4Living through the beautiful façade made of black steel and glass. All four interior designers, Ilona, Britte, Kevin and Hiske, are busy showing customers around. And they don’t hesitate to let them touch the beautiful curtains, furniture and new wallpapers. Opulent fabrics like velvet are currently en vogue and the new wallpapers have wonderful textures.

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“Ever since we moved, we’ve had a lot more people walking into our store,” Ilona says later on when it is a bit quieter. “We’re now at ground level so it’s easy for them to come in and have a look. Compared to the old store we’ve now got double the floor space and twice as many brands on display.”

Read the whole interview in our magazine; ZUIDAS. magazine is also in written in English and you can find a copy in every public area on the Zuidas.

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Een tikkeltje glamour bij Total4Living

Interieurwinkel Total4Living aan de buitenrand van het Gelderlandplein, verhuisde in april drie deuren naar links. De nieuwe zaak is twee keer zo groot en heeft tien sfeerkamers. Hier kun je rondkijken, lekker gaan zitten met een kopje koffie, je laten inspireren en ontdekken welke inrichting het beste bij jou past. (meer…)

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A bit of glamour at Total4Living

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