Able to play golf but no time to practice your swing? Sounds familiar! That’s why Barbara Peek and ZUIDAS.magazine organize a 2.5-hour super clinic for all the Zuidas golf players (from handicap 30 to 54) on Wednesday, 24 April 2019.

Ask Barbara why she developed a super clinic in cooperation with Golf Amsteldijk and she’ll tell you that many business people simply don’t have room in their agenda to play golf in their spare time.


“A lot of business people have a GVB (Dutch golf ability licence) as this looks good on their CV and always comes in handy when they’re getting invited for a business golf event. But once they’ve accepted the invitation they’re finding out soon enough that they should’ve practiced a bit. Not surprisingly, as golf is a difficult sport to master, both physically and mentally.”

Are you working and/or living at the Zuidas and would you like to attend this super clinic?  Then please send an email to and we’ll make sure you’ll get an invitation.

The clinic costs 75 euros per person including drinks and finger food. Act fast as there are only 36 places available!

Read the whole interview in our magazine; ZUIDAS. magazine is also in written in English and you can find a copy in every public area on the Zuidas.