Rob Peetoom Hair & Make-up & Brows opened a new salon at the ground floor of the Chanel Building at the Zuidas in October 2015. Their stylists will make you look better than ever. How? His daughter Rochelle Peetoom and Phoebe de Winter, creative director and co-owner of the Amsterdam Zuidas salon, explain.

The Peetoom philosophy is spread by 350 employees in the Netherlands, Bali and New York. “We stand for quality, expertise and experience. To be able to deliver the best service and quality, our stylists follow training courses at our academy or abroad. Training is what makes this business tick. Our new recruits enter our business as ‘New Talents’ and help out in the salon. After various courses they’ll proceed through the ranks and become Stylist, Advanced Stylist, Top Stylist and perhaps even Master.”

Zuidas salon of Rob Peetoom

“The last pillar of our philosophy, experience, is best reflected in the Zuidas salon: full of quality and style. This 400m2 (4,300 sq ft) salon has a very modern interior but also a few areas where customers can have a private consultation with one of our staff. There are fresh flowers on the table, we serve nice coffee and the Peetoom Bookazine and the Peetoom Paper are within reach to get some inspiration.”

“We already ran two salons in Amsterdam but when we heard about all the exciting plans for the Zuidas we just want to be part of that vibe”, Phoebe de Winter says. “We instantly fell in love with this location. You get the feeling you’re walking around in New York.”