The wardrobe of the Zuidas professional: how to stand out

Having a dialogue with your wardrobe from time to time may lead to new challenges. You’ll probably notice that choice is limited to blue and dark grey suits, white and navy shirts and black shoes. But how to stand out in the competitive Zuidas environment where style and class are almost as important as professional skills? The answer: elegant details, the right colour combinations and casual Friday.


Elegant details

The right fit is crucial for a stylish appearance: a suit, jacket or chinos should always have a cut and length that match your age and physique. A subtle contrasting buttonhole in your jacket, buckle shoes for a change, a stylish pin in your lapel or a woven 3-inch skinny tie in a plain colour are just a few examples of details that will make you stand out – apart from your watch, of course.


Colour combinations

Green is slowly becoming the new blue. We’re not talking bright green here, but a classy dark shade of green. Try combining your navy-coloured suit or your blue chinos with a dark green shirt and you’ll see: classy and professional but with a nice twist.

Style masters

Casual Friday

Your business clothing style says something, often quite subtly, about your position within the company. On Fridays, however, it’s all less clear-cut. This gives you the chance to use your appearance to accentuate your professional skills. My fashion advice for lawyers, consultants and bankers: wear chinos with a shirt and a jacket, or perhaps swap the jacket for a gilet or spencer. If the occasion is less formal you could wear jeans, but stone-washed jeans and big logos are definitely a no-no! And you could put on neat, subtle sneakers or brogues as long as they look fresh and polished – just like your image. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice. The devil is in the details!


Text: Adam Tasi, Gentlemen’s Place 

Christiaan Sijnen and Adam Tasi are the owners of two stylish men’s fashion stores called Gentlemen’s Place, one at the Zuidas and in Aalsmeer. They also have a web shop selling famous brands such as Profuomo, Cavallaro, Denham, Hugo Boss, Greve and Ted Baker.   

Next time: everything about fashion trends at the Zuidas.