As from the first of August, STOX Energy Socks have taken up residence at Zuidas. To be more precise, the new premises of the scale-up can be found next to the Olympic Stadion. “Our Herengracht office was not big enough. This new location suits us perfectly,” says Wouter de Keizer, CEO at STOX.

The Olympic Stadion stands for sport, which explains the choice for this new location. For the time being, we will aim our services to all sportsmen and sportswomen. Especially now, due to Coronacrisis, for months, they have not been able to exercise and are beginning to take up their training again. Now there is a high risk of injuries. Shin splints are the most common of all injuries, and our STOX socks reduce this chance to a minimum.”

STOX Energy Socks was founded in 2012 when initiator Caspar Disselhoff was injured during his training for the New York Marathon. He was advised to wear compression stockings. As he could not find a supplier offering both comfort, style and functionality, he developed the compression socks himself, together with his father, who is a vascular surgeon.

Discharge of waste fluids

The socks are produced in Milan and specially manufactured to stimulate the blood circulation in the legs and maximise the oxygen capacity in the muscles. Through a better discharge of waste fluids, STOX socks will make you feel more fit and vital. STOX Energy Socks direct their attention to sportsmen and women: runners, hockey players (female internationals), football (for example FC Utrecht, Feyenoord, Sparta, Vitesse), tennis (Official Supplier KNLTB), cycling (Official Supplier Jumbo-Visma cycling team) and skiing.

Furthermore, these socks are meant for daily use, for those with a standing or sitting occupation, travel (aeroplane socks) or for those suffering from a blood circulation issue.

De Keizer started as a CEO a year and a half ago, after Slingshot Ventures put in a financial injection. The aim is the growth of sales volume, and has been realised for the past two years. Meanwhile, STOX has crossed the borders to Belgium and Germany.