Scent art, it is not the only art that can be seen and smelled at the new exhibition “Wenteling” in the Art Chapel in the Prinses Irenestraat, but it is a special part.

Claudia De Vos presents both her scent-art installation Atmos-spheres and the four-part Cedar Tree Heritages. In that four part we see and smell four different types of cedar trees.

The scent of the cedar tree is often used for ancestor worship. In North America, the Red Cedar is a sacred tree for the Indians on the West Coast that is used in many of their rituals.

Cedar oil contains substances that make us feel calmer. The Himalayan cedar is therefore used by Tibetan monks for meditation.

The cedar scents in this four-part – four drawings made of wood with gold leaf and ceramics – are spread under the works through a tube.

The Wenteling exhibition is organized by five members of the Amsterdam artists’ association De Onafhankelijken. There are also guest exhibitors.

The exhibition takes place in Prinses Irenestraat 19/1, above restaurant AS. The exhibition lasts from 3 to 8 September and will open on 6 September at 4 pm, with poetry by Gerard Beentje and music by Puck van Biemen alias Puck C├ęzanne. The exhibition is also interesting for people with a visual impairment. Group tours on request.


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