Theatre play about life at the Zuidas: Safaripark Zuidas

How do people work at the Zuidas? What are the rules, regulations and patterns within the various offices? That’s what the play entitled Safari Park Zuidas, performed from 2 November  onwards in five different locations at the Zuidas, is all about. Don’t worry, playwrights Roos Schlikker and Erris van Ginkel haven’t gone for the usual clichés.

Today the first show starts, tomorrow it’s the real première.

Performed in buildings on the Zuidas

It will be performed in different buildings at the Zuidas: Circl, Infinity, Auditorium Goede Doelen Loterijen, ROC Boulevardtheater, De Nieuwe Poort and the WTC building.

Roos: “That’s what


Max van den Burg en Janke Dekker are playing the leads PHOTO: NICK VAN ORMONDT

so nice about Safari Park Zuidas. I’m sure many of us have driven on the A10 ring road, amazed at seeing people working late at night in the high-rise office buildings of the Zuidas. And probably intended to go and have a look at the area but never gotten around to doing it. Well, if you’re going to see Safari Park Zuidas, you’ll kill two birds with one stone: you’ll get to know the Zuidas and you’re in for a good night out.”

For seven years now, writer Roos Schlikker has been teaming up with dramatist, writer and director Erris van Ginkel. They’ve enjoyed success together before, with their play scripts for Hart tegen Hart (‘Heart against heart’) and Soof de musical.

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Read the whole interview in our magazine; ZUIDAS. magazine is also in written in English and you can find a copy in every public area on the Zuidas.

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