Pedro Celli (30) hails from the Brazilian city of Campinas, close to Sao Paulo, but has been living in the Netherlands ever since he was 13. He studied International Business at Groningen University and works as an account executive for ZOOM, a company connecting communication and technology. He starts every working day with a work-out at 7 am.

“It’s only since I’ve been working at Zuidas that I have the feeling I am actually working. It is a totally different atmosphere compared to inner city Amsterdam. Zuidas has become a major financial district so you realize that this is the place where business is done and where things happen.”

“Since I’ve been working at Zuidas I get up early, at 6 am. Then it’s straight to the gym at Club Sportive for a yoga, boxing or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class. A quick shower and then I’m off to work.  I get myself a cup of coffee and some breakfast and start reading my emails. That’s when my working day starts.”

“I like this routine a lot better than going to the gym in the evening, which I used to do a few times a week. Those sessions were much longer and a lot tougher. Now I enter the office full of energy instead of feeling knackered. Another advantage of doing my workout in the morning is that my girlfriend can go to her gym in the evening so I can look after our little kitten.”