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A very personal way of getting into the realm of fragrances, that’s what Otentic Perfumes offer in their shops. And guess what, they’ve just opened a new store in Stadshart Amstelveen!

The world is flooded with new fragrances: all the big brands are trying to lure consumers with beautiful vials and impressive media campaigns, using celebrities as ambassadors. There’s just one issue: these companies shy away from talking about what’s really important – the vial’s content, the personal preferences of individuals and the way different ingredients work together to form a harmonious scent.

Otentic Perfumes offers their clients the opportunity to choose their own perfume, providing a different, more personal way of getting into the realm of fragrances. And you sense that as soon as you walk into their tastefully decorated store: the various perfumes are presented in a unique way, so you can concentrate on the thing you’re looking for: a wonderful perfume that smells so nice it seems to be made especially for you.

The delicate, high-quality compositions are not classified into ‘dreams’ and ‘stories’, but into eight popular fragrance styles stemming from classic perfumery, with each fragrance divided into eight different scents. Crucially, Otentic does not believe in the traditional difference between fragrances for men and women. Flowery scents are not just for women, nor is wood a typical fragrance for men. It is all about the scents you as an individual like, finding a perfume with a smell that’s pleasant to you and ‘connects’ with you as a person.


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Read in: Nederlands