Power women of the Zuidas: Martje Statema

For the third ZUIDAS. magazine we did a cover story with six inspirational women about their passion and their career. What drives them to go for the best results? Today we start with Martje Statema, Chief Operations Operator at The Office Operators.

Martje Statema


For Regus, Martje Statema opened one branch after the other, even in faraway places like Panama. In 2013, she became Chief Operations Operator at The Office Operators. A complaint sent in by a customer can really affect her mood. “Yes, and I’ll let everyone around me know I’m unhappy about the situation. Well, I just call it my passion. ”

Cleaning the fish bowl for a customer who’s away from home for a week or putting an umbrella near the front door when it rains. The Office Operators rents out flexible office space but also offers support. “Providing exceptional service to make the lives of our customers a bit more pleasant, that’s our added value,” Martje Statema says.


“I was asked to set up a new 20,000 sq. ft. office in the WTC in Panama City. When I arrived, they hadn’t prepared anything so I had to do everything myself – and I didn’t even speak a word of Spanish! In those situations, you can do two things: you say ‘I can’t do this’ or you try to make the best of it. If you fail you can still say: ‘I didn’t say I could do it’. But that office is still operating and I was the one who set it all up.”

Willemijn O’Connor and Marleen Evertsz told their story.

Read the whole story in our magazine; ZUIDAS. magazine is everywhere on the Zuidas and also published in English!

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Powervrouwen van de Zuidas: Martje Statema

Voor de derde uitgave van ZUIDAS. magazine hebben we zes vrouwen geïnterviewd over hun passie en hun carrière. Wat drijft hen om voor het hoogst haalbare resultaat te gaan? Vandaag trappen we af met Martje Statema, Chief Operations Operator bij The Office Operators. (meer…)

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Power women of the Zuidas: Martje Statema

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