Power women of the Zuidas: Marleen Evertsz

For the third ZUIDAS. magazine we did a cover story with six inspirational women about their passion and their career. What drives them to go for the best results? Self named ‘nerd’ Marleen Evertzs is always ten steps ahead and runs business herself.


With Nxchange, Marleen Evertsz launched a revolutionary stock exchange based on block chain technology. She’s already won several awards but she’s not one to boast about her achievements. “I celebrate our success for my employees but in my mind I’ve already moved on to the next phase.”

A nerd, that’s how Marleen Evertsz would describe herself. “I love being busy developing workable fintech applications all day. That gives me a lot of satisfaction. With the great technology that’s available and the rapid developments it’s a real challenge to come up with something that’s smarter than what is currently on the market.”

Invest in gold

And back in 2010, that’s exactly what she did with GoldRepublic, a company enabling ordinary people to invest in gold. “Of course, you can buy gold at any old bank but 99% of the banks won’t give you the bar number of a physical piece of gold that’s really yours. Not very transparent, is it?”

Earlier we published stories with Martje Statema and Willemijn O’Connor.

Read the whole interview in our magazine; ZUIDAS. magazine is also in written in English and you can find a copy in every public area on the Zuidas.

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Powervrouwen van de Zuidas: Marleen Evertsz

Voor de derde uitgave van ZUIDAS. magazine hebben we zes vrouwen geïnterviewd over hun passie en hun carrière. Wat drijft hen om voor het hoogst haalbare resultaat te gaan? Zelfbenoemde ‘nerd’ Marleen Evertsz is altijd tien stappen voor op de rest en houdt alles graag zelf in de hand.  (meer…)

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Misschien is dit ook interessant..

Power women of the Zuidas: Marleen Evertsz

Powervrouwen van de Zuidas: Willemijn O'Connor

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