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Whether something is in fashion or not, Margitte Verwoerdt honestly could not care less.

“I like to make combinations, some designer jacket, and vintage trousers, for example, adding a ring of some young designer.” In daily life, she advises individuals and companies buying and selling art, quotes collections and sets up exhibitions. Furthermore, she is involved in the photo-exhibition at Zuidas, ‘Streets of the World’.

“Whatever I am wearing totally depends on my mood and the setting. It can well be something with a wild print, something eccentric, or like for this particular photo shoot ‘less is more’.” If art is your natural habitat, then, of course, AKZO Nobel Art Space is the most obvious location for this photo shoot. “It is a beautiful site where everyone can enjoy Art. You can just walk in and have a cup of coffee. Zuidas needs more of these locations.”

“For the photo shoot, I was inspired by this painting by Robert Zandvliet. My denim-look alike jacket and white pants are by Spanish designer Pedro del Hierro. I travel a lot and do not buy my clothes ‘off the rack’. That way, I often create an eclectic mixture. I finish off my outfits with jewellery and other accessories.”

“Pleasant about nowadays fashion is, you can choose to make endless combinations. I pay special attention to materials, quality, shape, colour and I certainly avoid the every-day look.”


Photography Oona Brueren

Read in: Nederlands