Ramón Mossel started his own real estate agency 15 years ago. He’s seen the Zuidas develop into a part of Amsterdam where living space is getting increasingly scarce.

You’ve been a real estate agent for 15 years now. What has changed in all those years?

Amsterdam has become much more international due to the city promoting itself more and global companies opening offices here.

Has your role as a real estate agent changed well?

More and more often I find myself in meetings giving advice to project developers looking to build a new complex. That’s a very nice part of my job. I know exactly what people want and that makes me as a real estate agent interesting for different parties.

How would you describe the current housing market in Amsterdam?

There’s a serious housing shortage in Amsterdam. The city has a couple of very nice neighbourhoods with a strong identity and the city council is pretty good at urban renewal. It’s just a shame that there’s an acute shortage in all segments of the housing market. We need a change in policy!

Zuidas is a populair place to live

What position does the Zuidas have?

Makelaar Ramon Mossel

Ramón Mossel FOTO: Wesley Bergen Fotografie

The Zuidas gives this city an international look and has developed into a dynamic area with a high level of facilities and allure.

Who would like to live here?

Me! I’m moving here very soon. And I notice that young families want to stay in Amsterdam, including the Zuidas, instead of moving to a semi-detached house with a garden outside the city. They’re looking for a large energy-efficient apartment with panoramic views and a big balcony or terrace.

What is the appeal of the Zuidas?

The international feel and a fantastic geographical location. All the facilities you need are nearby and the terrific Gelderlandplein shopping mall is just around the corner.   

Prices of houses on Zuidas

What about the house prices in the Zuidas area?

Prices of 10,000 euros per square metre are not an exception. Only Amsterdam’s Oud-Zuid quarter is more expensive: 14,000 to 15,000 euros. So it’s only a small step towards the 20,000 euro mark, like Cor van Zadelhoff predicted in the previous edition of this magazine. Moreover, Brexit is going to be a reality very soon and the percentage of home ownership in Amsterdam will decrease even further.

There is also some social housing in this area. Is such a mix good for the Zuidas?

Around 60% of the housing stock in Amsterdam is social rental. The Zuidas is an area with ambitious developments and international aspirations. You could ask yourself if social housing is what we need here and whether there should be any new construction in Amsterdam at all. What the city needs are rental apartments in the middle segment.

It must be a wonderful time to work as a real estate agent.

It’s always been fun to be a real estate agent! At the moment I try to convince stakeholders in the market to think in concepts. The customer journey changes and it is important to adjust to their changing needs. Turn-key houses are the future. Internationally, this is already a proven concept.

How do you see the Zuidas in 10 years’ time?

I’m convinced that 10 years from now the Zuidas will be the prime residential and business area of this city. The Zuidas is a very welcome addition as it gives Amsterdam an international look. However, the city should show a bit more swagger and raise the bar a bit higher, for example by extending Zuidasdok with Zuid/WTC Station.