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The sculptures made by artist Jan Verschoor create an illusion of frozen movement. Their shapes are fluid and harmonious, from whatever side you look at them. His work is currently exhibited in the Museumhuis, adjacent to Museum Jan van der Togt.

Verschoor’s objects are fascinating due the various materials and colours he uses; they are a real feast for the art lover’s eye. But they are also very beautiful when captured on camera as photographer Eric de Vries showed by captivating impressive images of the sculptures and objects made by Jan Verschoor in the historic setting of Keukenhof Castle. 

In the 1960s, Jan Verschoor studied art at the Royal Academy in Amsterdam where he was educated in the figurative tradition. However, soon after graduating he began exploring different ways of artistic expression and from the early 1970s until now he has been focusing on abstract art.


He uses traditional materials such as bronze, marble and glass but early in his career he started experimenting with modern materials like polyester. His first monumental assignment was a white, opened-up polyester sphere in the central hall of the Congress Centre in The Hague (1971).

Apart from his surprising use of materials and colours, his works are known for their craftsmanship and technical precision. Jan Verschoor is called the ‘sculptor of understated perfection’, because he is never trying to openly challenge or provoke and his art doesn’t carry a specific message. He is just looking for harmony and balance in form and space.

Smooth polish

The sculptures have a smoothly polished surface and are perfectly finished, showing the craftsmanship of his partner Rob Brünnmayer, who has been assisting Verschoor ever since his early years as an independent artist. Looking at art made by Jan Verschoor is first and foremost an aesthetic experience. There is an educational programme on the artist Jan Verschoor aimed at high-school students that is aptly named ‘Spatial beauty’. 

The multifaceted sculptures of Jan Verschoor are on display inside and outside Museum Jan van der Togt (where Jan Verschoor was museum director for 25 years) in Amstelveen, but also in public spaces: for example, in the pond next to the Amstelveen town hall and outside the Groenhof shopping centre, also in Amstelveen. Those looking for a more intense artistic experience and an encounter with the artist should make their way to the Museumhuis.


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Text: Pim Mager
Photo: Tom Haartsen

Read in: Nederlands