Health Check: The MOT for your health

To take control over their own health, that’s what people want. In this column, Holland Health Clinic’s doctor Marguerite van Randwijck writes about the effect our lifestyle has on our body.

We check our cars yearly and we regularly pay a visit to the dentist, but we don’t visit the GP until we feel unwell or something is seriously wrong. Health checks monitor your health and important biomarkers such as thyroid function, cholesterol and glucose, helping you to remain fit and healthy for a long period of time.

Holland Health Clinic offers health checks based on a holistic approach: we examine both the physical and mental aspects of your health. This way, the medical team of Holland Health Clinic analyses your current health situation. Insight into the functioning of your body and mind helps you to control your health and energy level. After all, you yourself are the best benchmark of your health, but you’ll have to get these markers measured regularly…

Overall picture

Stress, nutrition and exercise affect our bodily functions. We now know that many illnesses are caused by an impaired lifestyle and a lot of these illnesses could be prevented. At Holland Health Clinic, we outline an overall picture of your health so you can act on time in order to improve your overall health. Our Health Check can also be used as an eye-opener, making you more aware of the different aspects of your health.

During the 360-degree Health Check, your prevention doctor cooperates with specialists in the field of nutrition, exercise and psychology, and evaluates various aspects of your physical and mental health; a multidisciplinary approach. Holland Health Clinic provides insight into your health and actively and effectively guides you towards a healthy lifestyle. And for all your medical questions in the field of preventive health and lifestyle intervention, a panel of doctors and specialists is at your service.

Holland Health Clinic now opens in the Health Corner of the WTC (Tower B) & Amsterdam South:
Jan van Goyenkade 11
T 020 210 1230

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Health Check: The MOT for your health

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