At Finesse Bodyline Clinic in Woerden, they use Ultrashape: a devise which breaks down fat cells by means of ultrahigh soundwaves. Ultrashape is an effective way to lose your fat rolls, love handles, belly or men’s breasts. If you think ‘my beautician around the corner can do the same thing’ you are totally wrong.

It is a sore point to Finesse-owner Cor Kok, all those companies pretending to do a similar treatment as he and his team.  “Handling real UltraShape devises requires specialised, and medical training and only registered medical staff can do so. What we do cannot be compared with the work of a beautician, and that bugs me sometimes. In particular, when you see your own pictures on someone else’s website. But all well, we believe in our own skills. We use the UltiMed Contour Concept.”

Cor, a nurse by origin, even after twelve years, is still enthusiastic explaining what Finesse stands for. “The bottom line of the UltiMed concept remains the Ultrashape. The treatment can be compared to the disintegration of kidney stones, with the same outcome UltraShape disintegrates fat cells. It is done with ultrasonic soundwaves; the outer wall of the fat cell falls apart. The contents of the fat cell, the triglycerides, break free and will leave the body in an absolutely natural way. The body produces fat cells until about the age of eighteen, it stops there. So, what has been removed won’t come back. The treatment is safe and permanent. A painless alternative to liposuction.”

Persistent storage of fat

A remarkable amount, both men and women, visiting the clinic in Woerden look considerably slender at first sight. Cor: “We treat a lot of people who work-out on a regular basis and have a healthy food diet, nevertheless they do not lose fat rolls or other persistent storage of fat in the known problem areas. A healthy lifestyle in combination with our treatment gives the best results. Therefore our UltiMed-approach is based on those facts. It consists of three items: demolishing of fat cells, stimulating the drainage of waste by vacuum massaging, and working out on the cross-trainer. The matter of utmost importance: finding the cause of the problem and tackle it. If you don’t get on top of this, the body will keep on storing the fat in different areas.”

“While trying to find the cause, we are also looking at specific disorders and we check if medication or hormones are playing a role. We perform thorough blood research, if necessary a stool investigation, we check organ functions, we look at thyroid and adrenal glands, and we look at possible lack of minerals and vitamins.”

Catch 22

“The metabolism, all those biochemical processes and the interaction between the organs are crucial. You can have a health food diet, but if your intestines don’t work properly, you don’t take in the nutrients. We give advice about proper, healthy food. Diets are a regular Catch 22. You lose weight very quickly and for a very short while, you gain the weight again, and that is followed up by yet another diet. People hop on and off from crackers and smoothies to diet-shakes and low-carbohydrate food, and while doing so disrupt their entire metabolism. It’s a vicious circle.” 

“If necessary we communicate our results with a GP, we have a good working relationship with them,” concludes Cor. “The goal of our total package is to get our clients’ health back on track and making sure, of course, to keep our clients’ slim bodyline. However, it’s more than just the curves. Furthermore, clients report back to us on a regular basis that, with our support, they now know what they can or cannot do. They now realize, a strict regime is not needed at all and they now, literally and figuratively, feel so much better.” 


Finesse Bodyline Clinic
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Photo Cor Kok by Elke Smit Fotografie