If a high-end designer brand like Flexform thinks of opening a monobrand store in the Netherlands, the Zuidas would be the most logical option. Guess what… last year, design centre Co van der Horst opened a showroom here dedicated to this Italian brand!

International, superior quality, state of the art – all of these epithets apply to the Zuidas. And that’s why a designer brand wants to be represented here. Co van der Horst already sold Flexform sofas, loungers and ottomans, but opening the biggest monobrand store in Europe – that’s a different league altogether!

Following New York, London, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong, now it’s time for Amsterdam to boast an exclusive Flexform showroom. Their 550 m2 (6,000 ft2) flagship store is a source of inspiration for residents and architects responsible for the interior design of homes and offices. And what a spacious showroom it is!

A.B.C.D. chairs

Here you’ll find the acclaimed A.B.C.D. chairs, design objects that perfectly fit in with a sleek and architectural setting. A.B.C.D. chairs are available in earth tones and ecru, but also in irresistible old blue. Antonio Citterio, the brain behind many Flexform classics, designed Cestone, a collection of modular sofas with a matching coffee table. The popular Groundpiece, a modular seating system, is also from his hand.

Apart from these classics, there are many firsts to be admired in this flagship store. Like Isabel by Carlo Colombo, different designs by Daniel Libeskind and specials including ‘Piuma’ (book case), ‘Zeno light’ (sofa) and ‘Agave’ (chair).

Family business Flexform

Flexform is a family business, just like Co van der Horst’s, and was established in Italy in 1959. The name Flexform is associated with design icons like Antonio Citterio, Joe Colombo, Cini Boeri and Rodolfo Bonetto.

Flexform Flagshipstore Amsterdam
Beethovenstraat 396
Amsterdam Zuidas