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In this day and age, companies not only look well after their staff in financial terms but also when it comes to the overall well-being of their employees, offering them team building, mindfulness, yoga, and individual or team coaching programmes. The owners of Breakpoint Coaching, Marc Duncker and Jelle Boers, know all too well how crucial it is that employees feel good. “Only then they’ll be able to get the best out of themselves!”

Imagine you’re not quite happy at work. You don’t perform the way you should and you’re in doubt if you’re still in the right place. You give yourself the choice: stay and do something about it or change jobs. A breakpoint in your life. But making such a tough choices is not a guaranteed success for everyone. Why is that?

‘We help you develop in a direction that works for you’

“That is exactly the answer you’ll be looking for when you come to us”, says Jelle Boers. In the coaching practice run by Jelle and his business partner Marc Duncker, clients work from their own perspective rather than from the coach’s point of view. “We help you develop in a direction that works for you, tackling the issues that are holding you back. We’re simply there to ask the right questions.”

Think for oneself

Marc and Jelle are experienced coaches who share a background as top level athletes. “A good sports coach lets the player think for himself and makes him reflect why a different approach would yield better results. The improvement has to come from within the player rather than from someone else telling him to do something without explaining the reasons why”, Marc adds.

Sports activities are a big part of our programme; suffering together creates a strong bond’

Two years ago, Marc and Jelle decided to start their own practice together. They wanted to do things differently and felt that not only top-level athletes could benefit from their unique approach, but companies as well.

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Read in: Nederlands