¨Bonebakker Jewelers¨ present, at a unique location, contemporary collections of jewelry that infinitely symbolize unforgettable life events such as Marriages, Births and Anniversaries. They know how to enthrall every jewelry lover with signature collections with exclusive brands like Boucheron, Buccellati, Messika and Ole Lynggaard.

The rich history of this jewelry house dates back to 1792. In that year, Adrianus Bonebakker qualified as a silversmith and started his business. The business grew rapidly and became the gold and silversmith shop in the Netherlands, where on special occasions ¨the beautiful world¨ placed their orders.

When Adrianus Bonebakker died in 1824, he left behind a company that, to this day, means a lot to the jewelry sector in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Jewels are perfect items to celebrate milestones achieved.

The lounge in the ¨Conservatorium hotel¨ where the jewelry house presents its exclusive collection is entering a sparkling new chapter. The heritage of Netherland´s oldest jeweler and its fine Craftsmanship dating from the 19th century is on display in the former director´s office at the Central Savings bank. This magnificent location gives a tangible, unique energy. The combination of modern and authentic elements makes the lounge stylish. The ornamental ceiling gives a glimpse of the past. The center of the display area is formed by the special display case in the shape of a pearl, which is attached to the ceiling with a gold chain. On the wall there are antique paintings with images that are inextricably linked to the Bonebakker history. The original portrait of the founder presides over the space.

King´s crown

In this lovely setting the owner Jannie Iwema tells about the special story of the jewelry house. She starts enthusiastically, ¨As purveyor to the Royal Household, Bonebakker created the King´s crown, in 1840, when King Willem I  suddenly resigned, the new King Willem II, wished for a new crown for his inauguration. His wedding to Anna Paulowna also played a role. The Russian Princess was well known for her glitter and glamour; In her opinion the first crown was not glamorous enough. I don´t think that Adrianus Bonebakker would have ever thought that this heavy gilded silver crown with gems and pearls would still be at use today”.

Bonebakker created the King’crown in 1840

In 2013, the crowning year of King Willem Alexander, Bonebakker Jewelers presented the exquisite Regalia Collection inspired by the crown of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The eighteen-carat ring from this collection consists of a gold band covered with precious stones. The Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds are cut and set in the same way as on the King’s Crown from 1840.


The collection ‘Key of Amsterdam’ is a symbol of trust and affection and is the signature for the jewelry collection. Jannie explains ¨This collection is based on the historical keys of Amsterdam, now on display in The Amsterdam Museum, which were designed by Adrianus Bonebakker in 1806 and handed to Napoleon. Nowadays the keys represent a symbolic welcome in Amsterdam, as well as the symbolism of empowerment and mysteries of the heart.

The day and night concept is expressed in the rare, natural gemstones that have been used. The stones, including Alexandrite, Selenite, Garnet and Sapphire, have a particular changing effect, which makes the colour of the stone change, depending on the light in daylight or night light.

The Night and Day Collection are pendants showing the whole key, as well as jewelry such as ear studs or rings in which only the head of the key is used as a symbol.

A diamond or gemstone must reflect someone’s character

Ornament of the city

Amsterdam has more than 1500 bridges which with their characteristic appearance form a jewel of the city. In 2017, Bonebakker Jewelers celebrated its 225th anniversary, no better moment than this unique anniversary to launch the’ Bridges of Amsterdam Collection”. These handmade 18-carat gold rings consist of an arch pattern, symbolizing elements from famous bridges in Amsterdam and are illuminated with brilliant diamonds of top quality. The first ring from ‘The Anniversary Collection finds its inspiration in the famous point in Amsterdam where most of the bridges can be seen behind each other, namely Hoek Thorbeckeplein, Herengracht and Reguliersgracht.

Love for design

Jannie Iwema who studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.  Together with her enthusiastic team and inspired by her love for design, fashion and jewelry she now creates   a refined meeting point for jewelry experts and lovers. Jannie says ¨I look at jewelry differently than a traditional jeweler. They look far more at the value or size of a diamond or gemstone. I look at the complete creation, therefore it is very nice to look for stones that are not well known, but beautiful. A diamond or gemstone must reflect someone´s character. I find the symbolism behind jewelry fascinating¨.

Clients from within and outside the country know how to find the jewelry store to crown special moments with an exclusive piece of jewelry. ¨It is so exiting to be a small part of a secret mission, when a man entrusts us to make an engagement ring. We gladly help him with his quest for the ultimate gift that will be cherished forever by his future wife¨.





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