Beosound Shape

When creating a great atmosphere at home, many different factors play a role. One important aspect is room acoustics and the sound coming from a good speaker system. Bang & Olufsen recently introduced the ultimate must-have for design and music lovers: the new wireless speaker system BeoSound Shape delivers an experience comparable to being at a live concert. And if that in itself isn’t enough, buyers can also customize the look and performance of their own Shape.

The name B&O speaks for itself. The brand’s high-end audio and video products have been immensely popular, ever since Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen established their company in the Danish town of Struer in 1925. People all over the world praise their superior sound and image quality, as well as the user-friendliness of B&O products.

This smart system consists of multiple elements, providing a fantastic sound experience comparable to being at a live concert

At Hegeman’s Bang & Olufsen showrooms in Amstelveen and Bussum, one enters a world full of state-of-the-art audio and video technology that’s pleasing to the eyes and ears. Brothers Fred and Jaap Hegeman are at the helm of the family business that was founded in 1931. “We’re the third generation and the passion for B&O is simply in our blood; we inherited it from our father. In the early seventies, he was one of the first dealers of this exclusive Danish brand in the Netherlands.” 

Enriching the interior

Over the years, Bang & Olufsen has become a timeless icon in the universe of sound and video. The BeoSound Shape got its first showing at the Italian Salone Internationale del Mobile. Since August 2017, this fantastic system is available at Hegeman’s stores.

“Shape is a wall-mounted modular speaker system consisting of a unique combination of speakers, amplifiers and acoustic dampers that allows for customization of both sound performance and visual design. It is based on hexagonal elements that are fixed to the wall, offering the opportunity to create a harmonious environment and enriching the interior with shapes and sound. The resonance damping qualities improve the acoustics of the room, even when the system is switched off. This means the Shape is also the perfect system for large spaces such as shops, studios, showrooms, hotel lobbies and offices”, Fred Hegeman says with enthusiasm.

Band on the Wall

Music and noise really have a strong impact on our living environment. People responsible for private and commercial interior design obviously try their best to eliminate noise as much as possible and optimize room acoustics for music and other audio experiences.

That’s why Bang & Olufsen has dubbed the Shape the ‘Band on the wall’

“B&O designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto created the BeoSound Shape with sound as his starting point and assuming that the climate indoors is extremely important for our well-being. One crucial aspect is light, another factor being air quality. But acoustics are just as important because it has a strong influence on us humans on both a physical and psychological level. The Shape has a twofold objective: the speaker system offers a design-oriented solution to the issue of bad acoustics and creates an innovative musical experience.”

This smart system consists of multiple elements, providing a fantastic sound experience comparable to being at a live concert. That’s why Bang & Olufsen has dubbed the Shape the ‘Band on the wall’.

Customized design

In contrast to other speaker systems, the BeoSound Shape allows for customized design: buyers can define the desired dimension, shape, colours and even the sound performance of their system. Fred: “The modular concept of the Shape is based on one geometric form: the hexagon. Each separate element serves as a speaker, amplifier or acoustic damper and can be configured in endless combinations making it ideal for both small and large rooms.”

Using the online Configuration Tool buyers can realize the design of their choice. And due to the cooperation with Kvadrat, a Danish manufacturer of designer fabrics, it is possible to go for a high-quality wool finish, allowing for boundless mixing and matching! Apart from classic black there are colours with catchy names such as: Parisian Night Blue, Purple Heart, Infantry Green, Brazilian Clay and Wild Dove Grey.

Distinctive look

With all the available options every BeoSound Shape will be truly unique and it will give any wall in any room a very distinctive look. Plus, it is nice to know that the invisible ‘connectivity hub’ at the back of one of the hexagons allows you to stream music from mobile devices.

“Moreover, the Shape comes fitted with a multi-room feature, making it a fully-fledged member of the family of Bang & Olufsen products capable of playing different music genres in different rooms.” People looking to enrich the features and esthetics of their home or office with a BeoSound Shape, should not hesitate to visit a Hegeman store. Good to know: the Hegeman brothers employ their own technical and installation engineers, as one might aspect from such a household name in audio and video.

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