Whether you are looking for a smaller bikini bottom and halter top or rather a shorty with bandeau top or maybe a stylish bathing suit, Ani Ani Beachwear offers more than 200 possible combinations of exclusive beachwear, to make sure you feel pretty and confident on a sunny day. 

“I create Ani Ani Beachwear for those women absorbed in work, family and social life with little time on their hands for shopping. Still they value quality and comfort and above all uniqueness to enjoy every minute of the valuable moments in the sun and most importantly to look their best.”

Beachwear from Ani Ani

Founder of this flourishing company is the petite and elegant Ani Muradian – Willekes (41), born in Bagdad but of Armenian descent. At the age of 15 she came to The Netherlands, studied Economics as well as Arabian Language & Culture.  She married and had two children and was successful in the IT world. Still something was missing. “As a child I wanted to become an architect, I always had the need to create or produce something, that need was still there. Because I have such a small size it was impossible for me to find exquisite and affordable beachwear, so I decided to start producing this myself and not only for small sizes, on the contrary Ani Ani Beachwear is fit for all kind of sizes and bodies.”

Mix & Match 

“The collection in our web shop caters for sizes 34 to 44 and because nobody has the same shape, the bikini tops or bikini pants are separately obtainable.

‘This is typical for our beachwear, it complements the body!’

From mini briefs, bikini briefs, hipsters or a shorty to tops in every possible style, they all complement the body and above all you can mix and match.

You can combine every item, colour and size, and create your personal combination to suit your body.

Quality beachwear

All Ani Ani bikini’s, bathing suits and resort wear are made in Europe. “It all starts with the beautiful and delicate French or Italian fabrics. That always is the starting point of my design. The materials are made to shape and made of a long-lasting quality of lycra. Because everything is produced in Europe it is fair trade, no child labour and no mass production. This kind of affordable luxury of course has a price tag. However, starting at €54,95 for a bikini bottom, €89,95 for a top. Bathing suits starting at €139,95 the creations are affordable luxury.”

‘Ani Ani Beachwear offers more than 200 possible combinations of exclusive beachwear’

“Ani Ani Beachwear is mainly sold online but to our delight, due to demand, we extended our service to personal advice and therefore we have opened our showroom to customers during the summer season.

Every other time of year you can order online. We send your beachwear in an elegant box with velvet lining.

Ani Ani Beachwear
Oosteinderweg 205 C

Showroom opening hours March to July, Monday to Friday from 12.00 until 17.00, as well as on appointment.