Fifteen years ago, Ramón Mossel started his own real estate agency in the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam-Zuid. Every day, he and his team at Ramón Mossel Makelaardij show their passion for real estate, bringing supply and demand together.

Earlier this year, Ramón Mossel was a candidate for the Amsterdam Real-Estate Agent of the Year Award. “This nomination was a great honour and the icing on the cake in our lustrum year”, Mr Mossel says in his office in the Maasstraat. “It’s a nice compliment and shows how professional parties see our office. We carry out our jobs with a lot of dedication and we’re only satisfied when we’ve achieved the best results for our clients”, he continues.

“From the first day I opened my agency – we started off with three people – we’ve been involved in big projects. In 2004, we were already the best-selling agency in Amsterdam. At times we were literally working day and night. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved in those 15 years. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to new developments, small-scale redevelopments, and existing buildings. As we’ve mastered all these disciplines, we can provide our clients – private or professional – with the best advice.”

Team Ramon Mossel.

Team Ramon Mossel.

Best price

“We are aware of the changes in the needs of end users and that makes us an interesting party for property developers and investors. Our input helps them to develop a product that will get them the best price for their property. We’ve been working together with the largest property development companies and private investors for many years now. We use all our skills to help them with their marketing and sales, focusing on delivering added value to their projects.”   


These days, Ramón Mossel Makelaardij employs eight people and the office plays an important role in various new housing development projects. “As an NVM-certified specialist we know exactly what the market wants. Due to our broad experience we know what people are looking for, but most of the time they’re unable to find their dream home! With our knowledge we can help project developers to bring their housing projects in line with market demands. Because if they’re going to build what the future owners are looking for, you bet the sales figures will be great”, Mossel explains.


New development: the UpMountain Project


One of the new housing developments the agency is involved in is the UpMountain project: spacious apartments on top of an existing building in the heart of Amstelveen. Project developer AM laid out the contours of the building and decided on the outdoor space. “In this project, AM gave us room to indicate per floor what the dimensions and layout of the various apartments should be like. That allowed us to show how well we know the market, and with excellent results: due to this close cooperation we’ve managed to break all the real-estate sales records in Amstelveen.”

The role of the real-estate agent has changed over the years. “Before, all the plans were already worked out in detail and we were simply brought in to sell the finished article. Now, we’re involved during the entire process and that makes our job so much more fun!”

UpMountain Project

Zuidas is a very attractive area

For many years, Ramón Mossel has been operating in and near the Zuidas, buying, selling and renting out apartments at the Zuidas on behalf of many clients, including expats. In fact, he likes this area so much he’s recently bought an apartment in the Xavier complex, planning to move in with his family next year. “The Zuidas gives this city an international appeal and it has rapidly grown into a dynamic location with a great level of facilities.”

‘People have discovered living in high-rises. It’s comfortable and quiet; you have a great view but don’t hear the city noise’

“There are a lot of good schools in the area, the Gelderlandplein shopping mall lies around the corner and it takes only a few minutes to get to Schiphol Airport. Geographically, the Zuidas is just perfectly situated. And I’ve noticed that young families are stepping away from the ‘house-with-a-garden’ requirement. People have discovered living in high-rises. It’s comfortable and quiet; you have a great view but don’t hear the city noise. How wonderful! And with the development of the stunning The Valley complex, the Zuidas will soon have a terrific eye-catcher.”


Not a bad investment

According to Mossel, buying an apartment at the Zuidas is not a bad investment at the moment. “A lot has been said about the housing market in Amsterdam and which way it is going. Given all the different factors, prices are probably only going to rise even further. The square-metre price at the Zuidas has already passed the € 10,000 mark. At the moment, Oud-Zuid is heading the list with around € 16,000 per square metre but it won’t take long before properties at the Zuidas will reach that level as well. And then the step towards € 20,000 – as Cor van Zadelhoff predicted in the first edition of ZUIDAS. magazine – isn’t that far away”, says Ramón.

“The Zuidas thrives on positive energy and the motivation to go for the best result, day in day out. The ambitions of our office are perfectly in line with those of the Zuidas”, Mossel concludes with a touch of mystery.

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