Have you noticed them already, the human-sized question marks along the De Boelelaan Midden? They are there for a reason of course. The Zuidas department of the City of Amsterdam has started preparations for the refurbishment of De Boelelaan Midden (located between Beethovenstraat and Parnassusweg).

As a resident of this street or its immediate vicinity, you too can contribute to the design of this area. At the moment, we are working on a design for the refurbishment of the green strip between De Boelegracht and De Boelelaan Midden, and we would love to include your wishes and ideas in this. Right now, this is a grassy strip of land that also serves as a building site, but when we refurbish De Boelelaan Midden, this green strip will be recreated from scratch. And we would like you to think along with us, and tell us what you think it should look like.

Denk mee over de groene over van de Boelelaan.


How does it work?

From Monday 24 August you and other interested parties can join the discussion about the substance and form of the green bank. This discussion takes place online, via the so-called Opp App. You can participate during a period of three weeks, up to and including Monday 14 September. You can download the app on your telephone for this. In the Opp App you can express your wishes and ideas and also see the ones of your neighbour.


Step 1: Download the Opp app from your usual app store.

Step 2: Enter the Oppcode: boelelaaneng

Step 3: When installing the app, indicate that you would like to receive notifications, by setting this control to ON. You can switch off the notification sounds if you wish. Now you are ready to participate.

A few tips

  • Do not remove the app from your phone, as this will also delete your own contributions.
  • Should the app freeze at any point, then close it completely and restart it. It sometimes helps to switch from Wi-Fi to 4G, if the Wi-Fi connection is not particularly stable.


More information

Would you like to read more? See Tell us what you’d like to see in this space. It’s up to you! en Join the discussion about new green along De Boelelaan

If you have any questions regarding this letter, then please get in touch. We can be reached 24/7 on telephone number 0800 5065 and via email on contact@zuidas.nl.